You may have heard of how Blogs have helped millions of people get their voice heard. You may have also heard that blogging can be just as effective for companies and brands.

When first considered, blogging may seem like an arduous, difficult and confusing task but it needn't be.

Over recent years, blogging has been made much easier due to the numerous tools and software available - platforms such as 'WordPress', 'Joomla' and 'TypePad' to name just a few.

These tools are very easy to use and can leapfrog your business in terms of authority, awareness and ultimately clients and profit.

The FMO Blog

These blogging platforms are great - but they do not offer what FM Online offers. And that's instant promotion to a vast Facilities Management audience - automatically.

Unless you promote your 'WordPress' blog heavily helping your posts get up the search rankings, your blog post may not even be seen by one potential customer.

This is not the case with the FMO Blog. Your blog posts will even be promoted on our homepage - shown in the screenshot to the left.

And it's FREE!

Unlike some of the other blog platforms available (such as 'TypePad'), your FMO Blog is free.

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